University Senate Executive Committee

The Executive Committee organizes and coordinates the business of the Senate and its committees.
Its members constitute the membership of the Trustee-Administration-Faculty-Student Committee.

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2022/2023 Senate Executive Committee Members

Del Siegle, Chair, Education (term expires 6/30/2024, Chair term thru 6/30/23)
Usman Ali, Graduate Student Senate (term expires 5/2023)
Maureen Armstrong, Dean of Students Office (term expires 5/2025) currently on leave
Pam Bedore, English, Avery Point (term expires 6/30/2024)
Laura Burton, Educational Leadership (term expires 5/2025)
Gabrielle Corso, Graduate Student Senate (term expires 5/2023)
Jason Chang, History (term expires 5/2025)
Marisa Chrysochoou, Engineering (term expires 6/30/2024)
Kate Fuller, UConn Library (term expires 5/2024)
Mason Holland, Undergraduate Student Government (term expires 5/2023)
Joe MacDougald, School of Law (term expires 5/2023)
Carl Rivers, Office of the Registrar (2022/2023)
Margaret Rubega, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (term expires 5/2024)
Peter Spinelli, Undergraduate Student Government (term expires 5/2023)
Manuela Wagner, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages (term expires 5/2023)

Cheryl Galli, Office of the University Senate (staff)

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