Course Action Request Form

New and Revised Courses
We are pleased to introduce an improved online workflow system for curriculum proposals.  This single form will be directed online to department, college/school, GEOC and/or Senate, as appropriate.  This prevents the need of having to complete a separate form when GEOC and/or Senate approval is required.

Course Action Request Form

Track your proposals

Need help?
Please use the following contacts:

Contact your school/college representative for general questions about course proposal content:
Pam Bedore for CLAS
Gary Kazmer for CAHNR
Daniel Burkey for School of Engineering for undergrad courses
Leslie Shor for School of Engineering for grad courses
Kathryn Wheeler for School of Pharmacy
Nora Madjar-Nanovka for School of Business
Louis Hanzlik for School of Fine Arts
Joseph Madaus for Neag School of Education
Marc Hatfield for The Graduate School
Lisa Werkmeister Rozas for School of Social Work

Manuela Wagner for questions about General Education courses
Eric Donkor for questions about UNIV/INTD courses
Pam Bedore for questions about Senate review of courses
Cheryl Galli for questions about the online form and proposal tracking system