Delta GE Task Force

Final report of deltaGenEd Task Force on General Education

Delta GE Task Force Membership:

Eric Schultz, Chair, CLAS, GEOC Chair
Pamela Bedore, English, CLAS Curriculum and Courses
Lloyd Blanchard, OIRE
Daniel Burkey, School of Engineering
Robert Day, Engineering, Engineering Curriculum and Courses
Hedley Freake, Nutritional Science
Jaci Van Heest, Neag School of Education
Jenna Henderson, Pharmacy
Katrina Higgins, University Advising
Thomas Long, Nursing
Thomas Meacham, School of Fine Arts
Michael Morrell, Political Science, GEOC
David Ouimette, First Year Programs, Senate C&C Member
Lauren Schlesselman, CETL
Laura Yahn, OIRE
Julia Yakovich, Office of Public Engagment

Charge: The Senate Curricula and Courses will impanel a Delta GE working group to consider the structure of the University Gen Ed curriculum. The working group will consider, but not be limited to, several specific proposals: 1) a model in which students take courses in multiple content areas that share cross-cutting themes 1a) Diversity & Multiculturalism, 1b) Environment & Sustainability, and/or 1c) Civility & Ethics; 2) addition of a Fine Arts content area and elimination of the Diversity & Multiculturalism content area. The working group will be attentive to the need to build the curriculum based on clearly-stated goals for General Education. Deliberations will include analysis of enrollment consequences.