University Senate Meeting, 9.12.2022

The University Senate will meet on Monday, September 12 beginning at 4:00 PM.  An orientation for new and returning Senators will begin at 3:00 PM.  Information on the location and format of the meeting will follow later this summer.

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At a Special Meeting of the University Senate held on February 28, 2022, a motion to approve the Common Curriculum Guidelines was passed by the Senate.  The approved document can be found here:
Common Curriculum Guidelines APPROVED


Anti-Black Racism Course Working Group

The Anti-Black Racism working group recommends that:

All UConn students be required to take a free, one-credit, Anti-Black Racism course. The course will be S/U graded and will be offered summer, fall, winter, and spring. Students will be encouraged to complete the course in their first year and will be required to complete it by the end of the sophomore year. Transfer students will be required to complete it within two semesters of matriculation.

Faculty, staff, and graduate students will also be encouraged to take this course.


About Us

The University Senate is a legislative body responsible for establishing minimum rules and general regulations of the educational program and mission of the institution, excluding the University of Connecticut Health Center, that are not reserved to the Board of Trustees, to the administration, to the Graduate Faculty Council, or to the several faculties. The University Senate shall be regularly consulted by the Administration on matters pertaining to the Senate's purview. By-Laws of the University of Connecticut, Article IX 


Cheryl Galli, Senate Administrator
Del Siegle, Chair of the Senate Executive Committee

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The Senate Office is currently located off campus.
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