University Budget Committee

University Budget Committee

This committee shall review the planning, negotiation, and allocation of the University operating, capital, and other budgets, the process of making budgetary and financial decisions and the determination of priorities among academic and other programs having financial implications. This committee may recommend any desirable expressions of Senate opinion on these matters. The committee shall include two undergraduate students and one graduate student.

2018/2019 University Budget Committee Members:

*Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Chair, Geography
*Michael Accorsi, School of Engineering
*Steven Batt, University Libraries
*Kyle Baumbauer, Nursing Instruction and Research
*Nancy Bull, CAHNR/Department of Extension
*Michael Fischl, School of Law
*Joe Loturco, Physiology & Neurobiology
*Philip Mannheim, Physics (Fall 2018 sabbatical)
*Jeffrey McCutcheon, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
*Lisa Sanchez, English
*Jennifer Terni, Literature, Cultures and Languages
*Michael Willenborg, Accounting
Rajeev Bansal, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lloyd Blanchard, Interim AVP for Budget and Planning (Ex-Officio Member)
Angela Brightly, Waterbury Campus
James Marsden, Operations and Information Management (School of Business)
Michael Morrell, Political Science
Daniel Stolzenberg, School of Education

*Senate Member 2018/2019

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