University Budget Committee

University Budget Committee

This committee shall review the planning, and allocation of the University operating, capital, and other budgets, the process of making budgetary and financial decisions and the determination of priorities among academic and other programs having financial implications.

2022/2023 University Budget Committee Members:

*Lisa Park Boush, Chair, CLAS, Earth Sciences
*Robert Bird, Co-Chair, Business, Marketing
*Mary Ann Amalaradjou, CAHNR, Animal Science
*Eleni Coundouriotis, CLAS, English
*Elena Dormidontova, CLAS, Physics
*Steve Marchillo, SSW, Director of Finance
*Michael Morrell, CLAS, Political Science
*Michael White, Dining Services
Lloyd Blanchard, Interim EXVP and CFO (Ex-Officio Member)
Erin Carney, Undergraduate Student Government
Jeffrey Geoghegan, EVP for Finance & CFO UConn and UConn Health (Ex-Officio Member)
Anne Langely, UConn Library
Jeffrey McCutcheon, Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Michael Vertefeuille, SFA, Digital Media and Design
Edward Zelikman, Undergraduate Student Government

*Senate Member 2022/2023

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