Faculty Standards Committee

Faculty Standards Committee

This committee shall continuously review University policies and practices relating to tenure, academic freedom, equitable distribution of work, rank and promotion, remuneration, retirement, and other matters affecting the faculty and shall propose any desirable expression of Senate opinion on these matters, including proposals to the Trustees for modifications in their rules and regulations.

2024/2025 Faculty Standards Committee Members

*Betsy McCoach, Chair, Neag School of Education
*Bede Agocha, CLAS, Africana Studies Institute (Fall 2024 only)
*Robert Bird, Business
*Scott Campbell, CLAS
*Joseph Crivello, CLAS
*Kimberly Cuevas, CLAS (Waterbury Campus)
*Horea Ilies, Engineering
*Elizabeth Jockusch, CLAS
*Anastasios Tzingounis, CLAS (Fall 2024 only)
Gladis Kersaint, Office of the Provost (Ex-Officio)
John Richardson, Fine Arts
Martina Rosenberg, CETL, Faculty Development

*Senate Member 2024/2025

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