TRUCK Instructions
TRUCK Letter of Intent Form

Proposals submitted via the new TRUCK system must be fully approved and received by the Office of the Registrar by the last day of the fall semester, Friday, Dec. 9, 2022, in order to be included in the 2023-24 Undergraduate or Graduate catalog.

Dear Colleagues:

We are writing to you on behalf of the University Senate Curricula and Courses Committee, which approved an expedited process for numerous small course revisions in support of a unit’s curricular changes. The process involves using a form, Temporary Relief for Untying Curricular Knots: Bulk Minor Curricular Action Request Form (TRUCK), that is meant to provide temporary relief to the CAR system for bulk changes to a curriculum. Please note that

● The TRUCK cannot be used to propose new courses, only course revisions.
● “Numerous” is defined here as 5 or more. If you are revising fewer than 5 courses, use the Curricular Action Request form for each course.
● “Small” is defined here as largely editorial or cosmetic changes that do NOT significantly change a course’s name, content, level, number of credits, or general education components. Any changes that fundamentally alter any of these five components of a course must use the traditional Curricular Action Request form.
● This is “temporary” since Courseleaf, a new curricular management system, will be implemented within the next two years by the registrar’s office. TRUCK will sunset when Courseleaf is officially fully implemented.

The TRUCK form has been developed with consultation from several bodies in the curricular process, and we have been in close consultation with the Registrar’s Office about potential unintended consequences of using this process. Attached you will find the TRUCK Instructions document which provides further information. These instructions, a letter of intent form, and the actual TRUCK form are available on the Senate website.

We will keep a close eye on how this process works, and will be revising the forms or instructions based on any lessons learned. Please do not hesitate to contact Karen McDermott ( or Suzanne Wilson ( with any questions or concerns you might have.


Dr. Suzanne M Wilson, Chair, Senate Curricula and Courses Committee
Dr. Del Siegle, Chair, Senate Executive Committee