Senate Curricula & Courses Committee

Curricula & Courses Committee

This committee shall prepare legislation within the jurisdiction of the Senate on course requirements for the general education of all undergraduate schools and colleges, UNIV, 1000 and 2000 levels, and other courses as designated in these by-laws.

2024/2025 Curricula & Courses Committee Member

*Gustavo Nanclares, Chair, CLAS, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
*Kristin Bott, Nursing
*John Chandy, Engineering, Engineering
*John Cooley, CLAS (Hartf0rd)
*Phoebe Godfrey, CLAS
*Alvaro Lozano-Robledo, CLAS
*Dan Mercier, Academic Affairs (Avery Point)
*Sarira Motaref, Engineering
*Suzanne, Wilson, Neag School of Education
Pam Bedore, Chair of CCC+, (Ex-Officio)
Sarah Croucher, Office of the Provost (Ex-Officio)
Marc Hatfield, Registrar’s Office
Edward Lim, UConn Library
Laurie McCarty, CETL
Matt McKenzie, CLAS (Avery Point)
David Ouimette, First Year Programs and Learning Communities
Sharyn Rusch, CLAS Academic Services
Steve Stifano, CLAS, Communication (C&C Chair)
Terra Zuidema, Registrar’s Office alternate

Karen McDermott, Administrative Support to C&C Committee

*Senate Member 2024/2025

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Taskforces & Subcommittee Archive

From time to time the Senate Curricula & Courses Committee has established subcommittees or taskforces to develop specific curricular areas.

General Education Assessment Taskforce

General Education Assessment Taskforce

SEC Charge to Senate Curricula and Courses Committee

The final report of the General Education Assessment Task Force will be presented at the November 7, 2016 University Senate meeting.
Discussion on the report will take place at the December 5, 2016 University Senate meeting.
Report of the General Education Assessment Task Force

Jon Gajewski (CLAS), Chair
Ross Bagtzoglour (School of Engineering)
Alexis Boylan (School of Fine Arts)
Sandra Bushmich (CAHNR)
Mark Deangelis, (School of Business)
Jennifer Girotto (School of Pharmacy)
Katrina Higgins (CLAS)
Jim Hill (ACES)
Alex Karl (USG)
Paula McCauley (School of Nursing)
Tom Scheinfeldt (School of Fine Arts)
Jaci Van Heest (School of Education)

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Delta GE Task Force

Final report of deltaGenEd Task Force on General Education

Charge: The Senate Curricula and Courses will impanel a Delta GE working group to consider the structure of the University Gen Ed curriculum. The working group will consider, but not be limited to, several specific proposals: 1) a model in which students take courses in multiple content areas that share cross-cutting themes 1a) Diversity & Multiculturalism, 1b) Environment & Sustainability, and/or 1c) Civility & Ethics; 2) addition of a Fine Arts content area and elimination of the Diversity & Multiculturalism content area. The working group will be attentive to the need to build the curriculum based on clearly-stated goals for General Education. Deliberations will include analysis of enrollment consequences.

Delta GE Task Force Membership:

Eric Schultz, Chair, CLAS, GEOC Chair
Pamela Bedore, English, CLAS Curriculum and Courses
Lloyd Blanchard, OIRE
Daniel Burkey, School of Engineering
Robert Day, Engineering, Engineering Curriculum and Courses
Hedley Freake, Nutritional Science
Jaci Van Heest, Neag School of Education
Jenna Henderson, Pharmacy
Katrina Higgins, University Advising
Thomas Long, Nursing
Thomas Meacham, School of Fine Arts
Michael Morrell, Political Science, GEOC
David Ouimette, First Year Programs, Senate C&C Member
Lauren Schlesselman, CETL
Laura Yahn, OIRE
Julia Yakovich, Office of Public Engagment


Delta2GE Membership

Tom Long, Co-Chair, School of Nursing
Manuela Wagner, Co-Chair, CLAS
Edith Barrett, CLAS
Pam Bedore, CLAS, Chair of Senate C&C
Nancy Bilmes, Center for Career Development
Robert Day, School of Business
Cameron Faustman, CAHNR
David Grant, School of Pharmacy
David Gross, CLAS
Louis Hanzlik, School of Fine Arts
Kyleigh Hillerud, Undergraduate Student Representative
Sumeet Kadian, Undergraduate Student Representative
Joe Madaus, School of Education
Mansour Ndiaye, University Advising
David Ouimette, FYPLC
Lauren Schlesselman, CETL
Fatma Selampinar, CLAS
Timothy Vadas, School of Engineering
Lisa Werkmeister-Rozas, School of Social Work

Committee staffed by: Erica Kareco, Student Administrative Specialist

Meeting Schedule:
Fridays, 11:15-12:30

January 24, 2020
February 7, 2020
February 21, 2020
March 6, 2020
March 27, 2020
April 10, 2020
April 24, 2020