Senate Curricula & Courses Committee

Curricula & Courses Committee

This committee shall prepare legislation within the jurisdiction of the Senate on course requirements for general education of all undergraduate schools and colleges, ALL UNIV courses, and specific courses open to freshmen and sophomores. The committee shall include two undergraduate students.


2017/2018 Curricula & Courses Committee Member

*Michael Darre, Chair, CAHNR
*Michael Bradford, Dramatic Arts
*John Chandy, Engineering
*David Ouimette, Institute for Student Success
*Felicia Pratto, Psychological Sciences
*Eric Schultz, Chair of GEOC (Ex-Officio)
*Suzanne Wilson, School of Education
Marianne Buck, Registrar’s Office
Daniel Burkey, Engineering
Tyler DiBrino, Undergraduate Student Representative
Peter Diplock, Assistant Vice Provost (Ex-Officio)
Michael Ego, HDFS, Stamford Campus
Wawa Gatheru, Undergraduate Student Representative
Dean Hanink, Geography
Kathleen Labadorf, UConn Libraries
Jean Main, Admissions Office

*Senate Member 2017/2018

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