Scholastic Standards Committee

Scholastic Standards Committee

This committee shall prepare legislation within the jurisdiction of the Senate concerning those scholastic matters affecting the University as a whole, and not assigned to the Curricula and Courses Committee, including academic programs, the marking system, scholarship standards, and the like.

2024/2025 Scholastic Standards Committee Members:

*Karen Bresciano, Co-Chair, The Graduate School
*Jamie Kleinman, Co-Chair, CLAS (Avery Point)
*Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Neag School of Education
*Maureen Armstrong, Dean of Students Office
*Kelly Burke, Engineering
*David Embrick, CLAS (Hartford)
*Holly Fitch, CLAS, Psychological Sciences
*Kristen Govoni, CAHNR
*Morty Ortega, CAHNR
*Jennifer Terni, CLAS
*Lawrence Walsh, Office of Admissions
Erin Ciarimboli, Office of Undergraduate Advising
Robin Coulter, School of Business
Sarah Croucher, Provost’s Office, Academic Affairs (Ex-Officio Member)
Lindsay Cummings, SFA, Dramatic Arts
Jennifer Lease Butts, Honors and Enrichment Program
Brian Rockwood, Registrar’s Office
Sharyn Rusch, CLAS Academic Services Center
Lauren Schlesselman, CETL, Academic Program Assessment and Learning Initiatives
Christine Wenzel, Center for Students with Disabilities

*2024-2025 Senate Member

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