Reports and Presentations from Recent University Senate Meetings

October 2022
Procurement and Contracting Challenges – University Senate

September 2022
Fall 2022 New Student Enrollment Pre-Census Presentation

May 2022
2022 Annual Report on Retention and Graduation by VP Nathan Fuerst

April 2022
OVPR Presentation by Dr Michelle Williams

March 2022
Updates on Undergraduate Education & Instruction and the Regional Campuses

February 2022
NECHE presentation by Dr. Sarah Croucher

December 2021
Implementing the Recommendations of the Mental Health Task Force

November 2021
Experiential Global Learning (formerly Education Abroad)

October 2021
Update from CETL

September 2021
Fall 2021 New Student Enrollment Presentation Pre-Census

May 2021
2021 Retention and Graduation Report

April 2021
The Graduate School Annual Report

March 2021
Final Report – Presidential Task Force on Sponsored Projects
ODI Report by VP/CDO Frank Tuitt

February 2021 Report from Academic Affairs:
Undergraduate Education and Instruction
Regional Campus Update
Mass Communications Rubric

December 2020 Report from Division of Athletics
November 2020 Budget Presentation
September 2020 Enrollment Presentation

May 2020 Retention & Graduation Report
April 2020 -SHaW Mental Health
March 2020 Annual Report on Research
February 2020 – Report on Food Insecurity
February 2020 UConn Foundation
November 2019 Report of the CFO
October 2019 – Undergraduate Education & Instruction
October 2019 Regional Campus Update
September 2019 UPDC Construction Update
September 2019 Fall New Student Enrollment Report